Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

There is a significant difference between general sports massage techniques and deep tissue massage.


The muscles that we feel when we touch our body are called superficial muscles and under those muscles, we have deeper muscles.


For example, the traps or trapezius are quite easy to feel, however deeper under these we have our rhomboids (see pic).


Therefore, this type of massage is more specific and the strokes are slower and much deeper, enabling this technique of sports massage to reach the rhomboids.


Working deeper into them helping to reduce tension, adhesions or scar tissue that may have formed due to old injuries or trauma.


Muscles with tension, scar tissue and adhesions can have a knock-on effect on other muscle groups and cause imbalances and referred pain.


When scar tissue is broken down using this method, it helps to reduce the inflammation and toxins that may have built up. 


Thus, improving range of motion, flexibility and ensuring peak performance and reducing pain.

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