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Hello, and welcome my name is Natasha; a Sports Massage Therapist based in Sheffield S12.


Sports Massage is not only for people who enjoy sporting activities but also for those who like to look after their well-being.  Sports Massage is just a term for deeper massage treatment and techniques, used for injury management and rehabilitation.


We all suffer from time to time from aches and pains due to day to day activities, sport and our occupations.


Sports Massage, whether it be soft tissue release or deep tissue massage can help relieve and reduce these, whether caused by sport, injury or the stresses and strains of everyday life.


I have extensive knowledge and experience in health and fitness and committed to helping my clients and can assess sporting injuries, treat them and help with rehabilitation.


I started out over 25 years ago as a Fitness Instructor, teaching Gym/Aerobics/Step/Circuit.  I competed in the ANB British Finals in the Fitness Model category.  As a keen cross country runner and club runner, now turned 1/2 IronTriathlete.


I decided to train as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and have clients who come to my home for training or I go outdoors with to train.  Even though I was really fit and healthy I started to suffer badly with Lower Back Pain and Sciatica and after many months of pain I had to undergo spinal surgery to remove half of a disc that was trapping my nerve and causing the pain; apparently, wear and tear of many years training. 


This is when I became obsessed with Sports Massage; ensuring that I recovered completely and was able to return to Triathlon.  I had lots of Sports Massage Therapy whilst studying for the L3 qualification and thankfully I am now fully fit and back in training.  I still get niggles but Sports Massage helps to keep them at bay.  I am now studying for the L4 YMCA Certificate in Sports Massage and recently been awarded a Certificate/CPD course in Kinesiology Taping.  I am constantly reading and training to be able to give my clients the best and most up to date treatment.


If you are unsure whether Sports Massage Therapy is for you, please call me to have a chat and I'll gladly answer all your questions and discuss how I can help you.












L4 - YMCA Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

L3 - ITEC Sp. M Dip MFHT

Certificate in Kinesiology Taping

L3 - Sports Massage Therapist BSY Sp. M Dip

L3 - Nutritionist

L3 - Diploma in Personal Training & Business Planning

L3 - Group Training - Bootcamp & Circuits

L3 - Advanced Fitness Testing

L3 - Functional Training

L3 - Group Indoor Cycling

Insurance with Holistic Gold


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