What my clients are saying about me

Here's what people are saying about bodift personal training

Name: Hanya

Level: Intermediate Karate expert - Has represented GB in recent European Championship

GOAL: To defend quicker and to improve exercise diet

Achieved: Yes - Hanya fantastic win on your first round, look forward to helping you for your next competition - Go GB!!!

Recent picture of Hanya winning GOLD at the 'National Championships'

Comments from Hanya:


"Over the years I have enjoyed trying to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet.  Although moderately successful I have needed someone to give me better focus and direction.  Her work with me upcoming to a big competition was priceless and I have learnt so much from the sessions with her.  Natasha's training methods and dietry advice have really helped me and I always look forward to the sessions with her."


Name: Darren Bunker

Level: Age Group Endurance Athelete

GOAL: To finish an 1/2 Iron Man in under 5hrs 30mins

Achieved: Yes - Darren so pleased for you to reach your goal of under 5hrs 30mins, keep up the training and Ironman Hawaii awaits you!

Comments from Darren:


"Many thanks for getting me through my first ironman overseas with your keen support and guidance.  All the interval, core work and weight training gave me great confidence going into the race.  All the nutrition, pacing and fluid intake advice got me through the day feeling good to the very end.  Having such knowledge and support especially through the dark days of doubt proved well worth it.  Looking forward to my next venture into long distance triathlon races- just need to up my swim speed"

Name: Emma Cole

Level: Novice runner

GOAL: To run a 5KM

Achieved: Ongoing - Emma you are doing so well, keep up the training and be consistent and we'll get you to run your 1st 5km quite soon :)

Comments from Emma:


"I've been trying to get into running for a while but I've struggled with motivation and my training lacked structure and purpose.  Natasha has been a great help in this respect - her passion and enthusiasm for exercise is contagious and the personalsed plan she devised has really improved my consistency.  Her encouragement, knowledge and guidance have been invaluable.  I have now completed my first 5K race - something which I'm not sure I would have achieved without Natasha's help"

Name: Jim Reece

Level: Elite Karate Instructor/Sense

GOAL: To gain lean muscle mass

Achieved: Ongoing

Comments from Jim:


"Sometimes when you are teaching you forget all about yourself and your personal goals.  You do train but the attempt at working towards your goals always starts with I'll really do it seriously tomorrow, and ofcourse there are lot's of tomorrows.  Natasha has changed that, not only has she put together a programme for me but supports me while I'm doing the exercises; with such motivation and enthusiasm, posistive and constructive feedback, that I can't wait for the next session.  I will be recommending Natasha to all my Karate Students"

Name: Sam Porter

Level: Beginner runner

GOAL: To run a faster 5km

Achieved: Yes - Well done Sam on achieving your fasted first 5km/Charity run

Comments from Sam:     




"The first step was admitting that I needed help with my fitness

 Having the courage to seek that help was the next

 A personal trainer was a scary thought at first

 Now I am no longer perplexed

 Knowing that Tasha is there to spur me on

 Set me challenges that are tailored to me


 To help me reach my goals and improve my quality of life

 Always makes it worth the fee

 Speed as increased, inches have been lost, it's only just begun

 Have a go, you might surprise yourself and achieve your aims

 At fit fun one2one"

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