Fitness Assessments to set benchmarks!

Everyone is different. This is why a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations. I am here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

You are advised to undertake an initial fitness appraisal, this is a structured assessment that pinpoints exactly where you are is terms of your health and fitness.  By carrying out the appraisals we set benchmarks of which can then be used to monitor your progress.


During the appraisal, your goals are discussed at length in order to determine that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and we able to set timescales - short/medium/long term goals.


Once this is done, we can set out a training programme that takes your goals and fitness level into consideration.  We can then re-assess regularly to ensure you are on track to reach your goals.


The appraisals consist of some/all the following dependant on fitness levels and need:


Baseline Fitness Tests

* 12  min walk/run/bike test

* Resting heart rate

* Measurement of waist to hip to provide indicator of Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes etc

* Measurement of height and weight to provide a Body Mass Index

* YMCA 3 min step recovery test

* Girth measurements


Advanced Fitness Tests

* 'Bleep Test' to provide indicator of VO2max

* Sit-up test

* Press up test

* Postural analysis

* Balance/Stability/Agility tests

* Skinfold measurements

* Lactate/Threshold testing

* Maximum Herat Rate testing

* Flexibility tests

* Flexion/Extension test








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