Online training with bodifit

DO YOU.....spend a lot of time working away from home? work shifts? unable to commit regular weekly sessions with me? distance an issue?

BUT..... would like my help, guidance and motivation to improve your health and fitness, to reach your new goals?

YES..... then E-Mail training with fit fun one2one is the answer!

HOW do we do this and how much does it COST?


You will undertake a detailed appraisal, this can take approximately 2 hours, where we will meet and discuss your goals and also carry out baseline fitness assessments.  This will provide us with an opportunity to get to know each other a little and for me to establish what you want to achieve to be able to write a 2-week starter - personalised programme for you.


I will then provide you with a comprehensive report which will give us a benchmark as to where you are in terms of your fitness compared to others of your age and gender.


Once this is done, E-Mail training will commence, your training programme will be E-Mailed to you on a weekly basis, whereby when completed you will provide me with feedback on the sessions.


We are in contact via Teams/Skype/Zoom or phone to discuss regularly.


Every six weeks we will meet in person for a training session, where we can review your progress and set new goals. 


You will need to have access to Microsoft Excel and the Internet and be willing to provide accurate and thorough feedback, this works best for those who are honest with their feedback.


Interested, contact me on 07713946923.





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